The Elements

The Elements 5.1

A great sandbox game for hours of entertainment


  • Great entertainment
  • Good selection of elements
  • Design your own elements
  • Save your creations
  • Demo available to give you ideas


  • Looks very basic

Very good

The Elements is an intriguing sandbox game for your Android phone.

The fact that The Elements is a sandbox game means that it might not be to everyone’s taste. For a start, it’s not competitive – in other words, you can’t win. Instead, the purpose of this app is exploration and investigation.

In The Elements, you are given a selection of materials that you can use to construct scientifically-accurate situations on your screen. For example, if you draw a stick of C4 and add a fuse, when you apply fire it will blow up. All the elements react as they do in real life, so oil will float to the top of water, sand obeys the laws of gravity and acid burns through everything it touches.

The graphics in The Elements are pretty basic. You can toggle the thickness of the lines you draw, but everything will look pretty amateur. Even so, you’ll be able to design custom elements to a high degree of specification, and also toggle your phone’s accelerometer to control gravity – in other words, if you tilt the screen, the element in The Elements will change direction.

Those of you with inquiring minds will enjoy The Elements, despite the fact that it looks so basic. It can take a while to get into, but once you have seen the range and effect of the elements available, it will keep you entertained for quite a while.

If you’re curious about the world around you, you’re sure to enjoy sandbox game The Elements.

The Elements


The Elements 5.1

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